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twitter.comtwitter.comTOKYO, Sept 13 (Reuters) - Japan on Thursday asked the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to set up a dispute settlement panel to challenge South Korea`s 14-year-old anti-dumping tasks on Japanese stainless steel bars, Japan`s trade ministry said.
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South Korea in 2004 imposed anti-dumping tasks of 15.39 percent on imported Japanese stainless steel bars, which are utilized to make car parts and device tools, saying Japanese exporters` disposing of such items injure the local industry. Japan believes that is no longer the case.
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\"Inexpensive imports from China and Taiwan are on the increase (in South Korea), while Japan has actually moved to high value-added products,\" a ministry official said.
\"Our company believe it is no longer true that imports of Japanese products are injuring the South Korean domestic industry.\"
The WTO will discuss the request on Sept. 26. Such a panel would be equivalent to a lower court in routine legal treatment.
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— krunal chauhan (@Krunal940800) August 31, 2019
Japan`s demand would be rejected if just among the WTO`s 160 or two member nations challenge it. However it might then make a repeat demand that would be talked about at an Oct. 24 conference and approved unless every member nation objects, the official said.
Japan`s stainless-steel bar exports to South Korea fell 42 percent to 5,349 tonnes in 2016 from 9,269 tonnes in 2002, two years prior to the intro of the anti-dumping responsibilities, the trade ministry stated. (Reporting by Kiyoshi Takenaka; Editing by Hugh Lawson)
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